Making information comprehensible
and engaging

Atlas Infographics is the designstudio of Jeroen Gommers

My goal is to make information comprehensible and engaging. Interactive infographics, accompanied with illustration and animation, are the most complete tools to reach that goal. They bring content to life, provide clarity and get users involved with your story.

Interactive infographics provide a myriad of ways to tell your story in a structured, controllable manner, reducing complexity and improving understanding.

Moreover, there are endless possibilities in making your content come to life and let the user have control of how and what information is presented. This makes them actively engaged with your message.

Understanding and involvement are exactly the two ingredients needed to activate people. So they can work more efficiently, improve their quality of life or even make the world a little better.

I design for information of all shapes and sizes

From processes to products and from data to stories, information can take on many shapes. That's also true for how to best communicate this information. Because of that, an infographic is usually custom-made, tailored to content, user and context. But always with the goal of making information understandable.

For anyone who needs to communicate efficiently


at the forefront of science, who have to explain their findings to laymen. Convey complicated concepts. Or need to aptly present the importance of their research.

Organisations and entrepeneurs

who want to show their added value to customers. Explain how their products work. Or want to clarify their company structures and processes.


that want to work more efficiently by gaining insight into each others activities and processes, so they can be better attuned.

Government organisations

that care about being clear to citizens. Want to convey the effect of their activities. Or want to inform citizens about changes in policies and law.

With capable people

I like to work with skilful people to further strengthen my services. I currently do so with experts in copywriting, illustration, animation, development and storytelling.
I'm always looking to expand this network with people who can provide added value to Atlas Infographics in any shape or form and am open to new cooperations, suggestions and ideas. Does that sound appealing? Then I'd love to hear from you!


Buro Barabas - Jagthund

Let's work together!